A Bundle of Joy

My sister has always been the joyful one. Her bubbly spirit & positive outlook on life is something I have truly admired in her.

When I first heard about the cancer diagnosis, I decided to myself that on days when her joy is lost, when her outlook on life is muddled, and when she has no strength, that I would be all those things for her. Even if she can’t feel joy, or see the positivity, or lift a spoon to her mouth, she can watch me try to be all those things and maybe it would make her laugh.

Today was one of those days. I was goofy & positive, and when she didn’t want the squeezy soft foods, I ate them for her. Gosh, I forgot how delicious puréed foods are! And my strategy worked! This was the first time I’ve seen her laugh in weeks!

This has been a super challenging month as you know, and her body is fighting so hard that it is getting frustrating for Shyra to do even the simplest tasks. 4 months of pain is enough already. When she loses patience or gets angry, we get it. The spectrum of emotions is vast with all that is going on in her mind, body, and soul.

But today, I was like “We are going to the beach”. No more lying around feeling miserable. We need sunshine, ocean breeze, and sand in our toes.

Mom, Shyra, and I, ventured to the beach and bundled Shyra up in a comfy cloud of blankets and yummy snacks. It was windy so we didn’t stay long but it was so good for her to get out and feel the warm sand in her toes. (See gallery for pics).

As we anxiously and prayerfully await the doctor’s call to discuss the PetScan results, her family and friends are continuing to take turns being by Shyra’s side, keeping her comfortable, hydrated, nourished, and positive. I want to give a shout-out to all the angels that have shown her such selfless love, faith, and commitment to her healing. You know who you are and Shyra is so grateful for you.

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