A Day at San Luis Rey

We (Mahmoud & family) gathered at San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside today and worked out the arrangements for Shyra’s burial. It is surreal. Like an out of body experience. Three days ago my sister and I were making jokes and planning vacations. Today I was looking at grave marker tiles and talking about different types of urns. I’m too young for this! She was too young for this! I want my ashes to be placed in an urn shaped like a magic lamp. I’ve always wanted to be a Genie, but only if Robin Williams is my mentor.

As we were touring the gardens trying to figure out where Shyra should be laid to rest, we found a beautiful tree with only a couple gravestones under it and I asked everyone “what do you think about this location?” and suddenly all the chimes hanging in the tree started ringing and we all knew simultaneously that Shyra was speaking to us “yes, right here”. OMG. It was beautiful. The only grave marker that is next to hers is a gentlemen that passed away on the same day of her surgery, Dec 7, 2020. Coincidence? I’ll say! Oh! And his name is William Murray. That’s cool. Bill Murray, meet Shyra, she’s always been a big fan. “What About Bob“ (1991!) was one of her favorite movies.

We feel Shyra with us at every moment and we honor her memory in moments of laughter and family unity.

Check the “Plans for Memorial” tab for the details regarding Shyra’s Celebration of Life Memorial Ceremony.

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