A Day At The Hospital

Shyra has had a rough time, to put it lightly. As I’ve indicated in my previous posts, she’s had difficulty keeping food down. This is just one of the many challenges that she is facing right now.

When I showed up at her house this morning for our weekly sister day, she did not look good. Her skin was ashen and she had a heat rash on her arms. She was lethargic and started having difficulty breathing. This turned into rapid heart rate and high blood pressure. She asked me to take her to the hospital for a hydration IV. So far, this has been her only saving grace. She’s had numerous hydration sessions since the beginning of this year and each one has given her just what she needed to stabilize, hydrate, and get back on her feet.

So, The Princess of Power and I made our way to Kaiser. Upon arrival, they told us it would be a 3.5 hour wait. “Heck no”, I said. We high tailed it out of there and I whisked Shyra in to the Palomar Hospital Emergency Room and basically stormed my way through all the protocols demanding she be seen ASAP. Other lovely people in the ER had been waiting for 5 hours! I got Shyra into an isolated waiting room (to keep her protected), and we were admitted within half hour.

After all the routine tests, her bloodwork showed that her hemoglobin count was extremely low. This means she’s anemic and needs a blood transfusion right away.

After 2 liters of fluids through an IV, they got her hooked up for the blood transfusion. She is running a high fever, so the doctors have a close eye on her to make sure she isn’t developing an infection.

We are still at the hospital. We’ve been here since 3pm. Thankfully we have a luxurious half room that’s not insulated. We hear all the code Greens, Greys, and Reds, as our fingers and toes develop frostbite from the cold attitude the night nurses have. We are hoping to get out of here by 11pm, if we‘re lucky. Shyra‘s veins are super dainty and therefore these treatments take twice as long.

She is in good spirits though, thanking every staff member that enters our room, and still making sure I’m comfortable, as she fades in an out of consciousness.

Please keep Shyra in your prayers tonight, that these treatments today do wonders in restoring her health, appetite, and digestion.

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