A Little Strength Goes A Long Way

Yesterday, Dad and Shyra spent the day together. She was so tired from all the birthday festivities the day before, but my Dad said he saw a new strength in her that he hasn’t seen in a long while. Even though sleeping most of the day still, each time she got up, she moved quick and with more ease then she has in the past.

There were more visitors yesterday and a birthday shenanigan surprise from Shyra’s co-workers from The Golden Door. (see video in gallery). Is it possible for one human being to be loved too much? Heck no! This girl deserves all the love and more!

The day ended by Shyra going on a little date to Moonlight Beach with mom and dad. I’m jealous I wasn’t invited, but I’ll let this one slide, just this once. 😌

Today, mom and Shyra spent the day together. Shyra had a red light sauna appointment this morning that mom took her to. Shyra loves these treatments! They bring color back to her face and she feels so refreshed after. The Palliative nurse also came over today and cleaned Shyra’s wound, checked her vitals, and all the other amazing things she does. I spoke with Shyra on the phone this evening and Shyra said the nurse noticed her increase in strength also, and is hopeful that Shyra will be strong enough for radiation! Whoop, whoop!

Tomorrow, Shyra will have in-home IV hydration, which always does wonders! Shyra is hopeful and determined and this new burst of strength is exactly what she needs to keep fighting.

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