A Mother’s Voice

We all grieve in different ways. But one thing my mama and I have in common is that we process our grief through writing. The following excerpt is written by my mama and so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you all. My mama has been by Shyra’s side since the cancer diagnosis and their journey together as mother and daughter was really precious to watch. They’ve always had such a strong bond, and during these past 5 months of hardship, pain, and sickness, that bond grew even tighter, and without my mom‘s tender loving care, Shyra would not have made it through with such grace as she did.



by Arianna Caligiuri


Shyra Joy

She is gone

She took her last breath on this earth two weeks ago today in the early morning hours and heaven received an angel.

She is now in the Arms of Jesus.

Over the last 5 months as I cared for her, those early morning hours were usually the toughest when she had her night sweats, or she was freezing cold, or she could not sit up or get out of bed on her own...

Sometimes she was just thirsty for her water & needed an extra hand to give it to her. Sometimes her throat hurt so much she couldn't breathe, and just needed me there to breathe with her,

Sometimes she wanted a little healing touch therapy in order to calm her body, Sometimes she wanted her warm bath with essential oils and every morning in the early hours those were the tender hours that I counted holy, precious, and sacred that I could care for her.

I still find myself every morning listening to hear her small voice calling my name.

She was fighting for her life

She was that Silver Lining before the dawn.

Such a Warrior of Peace & Joy!

She was always wanting others to be cared for, to be fed, to be happy, to be comfortable, to know God's Love, to smile and live in unity, even while she was fighting for her life,

She was always looking out for those she loved.


In calmness of the sunrise, she peacefully took her last breath

Together as a Family,

We were all with her on the last day of her life

We had the honor to share those last moments of her life together with her.

We laughed, cried, helped her breathe, witnessed her flatline twice, her heart completely stopped, and miraculously she brought herself back alive, held her Daddy's hand, looked into the eyes of her sisters, took another breath and lived one more day

She wanted her water,

She wanted to drink her silver lining,

She wanted us to massage her feet, her hands,

She shared special conversations with each one of us,

She sang her favorite worship songs together with all of us,

Her Daddy read some of her favorite Psalms to her and she loves when he reads to her.

She believed

She was healed

She wanted to be that Miracle!

She shared those smiles that were contagious


She has always loved her family & her husband with dignity & passion

She is not suffering anymore

She is in paradise

She is our Miracle!

It may not look like the miracle we wanted it to be, and yes, I have lots of questions and there's things I do not understand,

But she is our Miracle!

We were not ready for her to leave,

Yet through everything in her life & her journey with this cancer that raged in her body, she trusted her life in the hands of the Lord.

And she loved others just like she loved Jesus, ever since she was a little one...

My daughter

My little sister

My mini me

My friend

My soul twin

My kindred kid

My breath partner

My blue-eyed angel

My Sunshine that Never Fades She is gone


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