Baby Steps

Shyra is making improvements, baby step by baby step, in her pain management, appetite, and determination to get better.

Mom and Nicola have been actively researching and connecting with in-home nurse care programs for a proactive approach to Shyra’s needs.

Good News!! Kaiser will be sending a nurse practitioner to Shyra’s home, twice a week. This service offers IV hydration, medication aid, checking vitals, physical therapy, proper nutrition accountability, and keeping Shyra comfortable. Her first visit is this Tuesday, April 20th.

Michael has been interviewing for a job, as his studies are coming to an end and he will be graduating with a bachelors degree in May. He’s had some on-site training and 2nd and 3rd interviews. He is focusing on his career and hoping to land a good job in June.

Please keep Shyra and Michael in your prayers, as decisions will need to be made to be sure Shyra is not alone, that mom does not get burned out and can continue working her current job effectively, and that Shyra gets the around the clock care that she needs while she is fragile and fighting.

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