Back In The Hospital

From what I’ve been told (I kicked off Mothers Day with my kids at Universal Studios today), Shyra became unresponsive this evening and could not be woken up. She had hardly eaten all day, and was refusing liquids. Her lips started turning blue and her heart rate dropped significantly.

Mahmoud called 911. The paramedics picked her up and whisked her off the hospital. She was admitted at 9:30pm. Mahmoud, Mom, Theresa and Auntie Kim are there with her now. The doctors took an X-ray of her chest, because of the irregular heartbeat she was experiencing.

Please pray for Shyra, the doctors, and for the family members with her now. Also please pray for peace, clarity, and miracles.

I will keep you all updated as soon as I hear more from Shyra’s Pit Crew (I’m imagining her as a race-car driver who can’t win the race without her Crew Chief, Tire Changer, Fueler, Jackman, and Spotter).You all know which role you are in Shyra’s care! 🥰

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