Birthday Blessings

Shyra turned 33 yesterday! It was a lovely day. Started off with me and Havi waltzing in with decorations, cupcakes, and yummy munchies for our rom com marathon. We blindfolded Shyra while we decorated so she could be pleasantly surprised. She had a rough morning again, not able to keep any food down, but she was in good spirits and happy to have her sisters with her.

Throughout the day, flowers were delivered, visitors dropped off cards and gifts, and Shyra even had a surprise visitor, one of her dearest friends Keryn flew out from New Zealand to wish her happy birthday in person!

Shyra’s husband and dear friend Ashley had been planning a surprise party for her on the green by their home, with all her closest friends. Unfortunately, Shyra wasn’t feeling strong enough to go outside or even sit on the couch. So Havi and I got her dressed and in her birthday sash, and propped her up in her bed where she could be comfortable, and welcome the party friends one a time, like a queen on her throne.

It was so special! Out on the green, there were birthday balloons, food and drinks, and a beautiful photo collage that Ashley made from favorite moments with Shyra’s friends and family over the years.

I’ll post to the gallery the photos I have of Shyra’s birthday celebration, and if you have any others you want me to post, please email or text them to me.

Thank you to everyone who made Shyra’s birthday extra special yesterday! She felt the love, even in the midst of her pain and tiredness.

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