Chapstick & Cheer

Shyra had a peaceful day yesterday, despite the chemo side effects still going strong. She is still nauseas each time she gets up or moves positions. She's also still struggling to keep food down. Her pain has not subsided, it is getting worse actually. She is moving very slow and in and out of consciousness, due to the heavy pain meds she is on.

After a nice long nap yesterday, Shyra opened a card from the beautiful calendar Havilah made for her, and it was a doordash gift card. Woohoo! Michael ordered Panini Kabob Grill and we enjoyed a lovely Mediterranean dinner together. Our dinner entertainment was a beautiful video made my Shyra's co-workers from the Golden Door. It was perfect timing and just what she needed to lift her spirits and keep her fighting strong! Such a beautiful group of people and so creative and funny! We laughed, we cried, and then to top it off, Krystal from the Golden Door surprised her with a visit and Golden Door Chapstick. According to Shyra, "The only Chapstick that works!". :-) Such a sweet gesture, and truly perfect timing to cheer Shyra up.

Then us sisters enjoyed the favorite Schitts Creek tv series and laughed and munched on somewhat healthy snacks, until we both started dozing off. Thankfully, Gracie was feeling exceptionally needy, and her meowing for attention kept us awake! That and the occasional pre-menopausal hot flashes. Michael didn't quite understand why we kept turning the fan on high! These are common side effects to chemo, and for me, gosh what a relief to finally have this in common with my sister! Makes me feel less old. haha!

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