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Chapter One: The Girl On The Train

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I know you’re thinking of the action packed 2016 Emily Blunt thriller, but let’s reset your focus as you join me in reading a story about a girl you will never forget …

I’d like you to take a moment and picture a blue-eyed, rosy cheeked, silhouette of a girl with long chestnut brown wild hair, bright classy clothes, and the sweetest face you’ll ever see. She’s staring out the window of a train car while sitting there with her soft hands gently folded in her lap. Snow capped mountains go zipping by. Rain drops are stuck to the outer part of the window. The cows grazing in the fields look like specs at the speed the train is going. In the distance, the sun is trying to make its way through the clouds.

Her eyes are soaking it all in as if she’s never seen anything like it before. There’s a calmness about her, and a look of peace across her face. She’s finally going where she wants, when she wants, with no one to tell her otherwise. She’s on a one way ticket adventure with no expiration date. Her name is Shyra.

Let me tell you a little bit about Shyra. She was the kind of girl who would keep her Christmas tree out until almost March because she loved the lights so much and didn’t want Christmas to end.

Shyra was the MORE girl. She always brought MORE to every dinner, every event, every day. Her hands were full of bags of food, flowers, and hand me down clothes from her weekly closet clean out. This girl had enough clothes to wear she could go years without having to do laundry.

Shyra was bubbly and bright and being around her was like a warm hug on a cold winter day.

She could never stay in one place for long though. She had a fire in her that never went out. She couldn’t even sit through a whole movie without getting up and stretching her legs to get more snacks.

Shyra was a girl on a mission. She wouldn’t let the day end before doing just “one more thing”. Sometimes the one more thing was a phone call to her best friend to tell her she loved her, or sometimes the one more thing was sending a selfie to her mom while on break at work. Other times her one more thing would be a spontaneous sunset walk on the beach. She always made time to do what she loved.

Shyra created her own happiness and always made the most of every circumstance, but there was a yearning in her eyes that never left. This yearning was hard to see, because it was hidden behind the twinkle. Her eyes twinkled like she was always up to mischief.

But the yearning, the longing, it was always in the background and only a select few noticed it. It’s like she knew this wasn’t the life she signed up for and something more was waiting for her. She wanted a life so pure that only Heaven had the answer. She knew she was made for more. Shyra just didn’t know her ticket out was going to cost her her life.


Author’s Note:

If you’d like to see another chapter, please heart this post or comment below (feedback appreciated!) and then I’ll write Chapter Two.

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