Chemo, Snacks, & Pedi's

Shyra had chemo on Thursday, it was only a few hours, but a very intensive chemo drug, targeting her ovarian cancer. This was her first time using this treatment, so the side effects are different than her last chemo treatment 2 weeks ago. This treatment will be administered once a month, and the other chemo treatment (for her cancerous tumors in her lungs and liver), will be administered 2x a month. This schedule gives a balance in treatment, but targets the rapid spread of cancer in her body. The side effects this time around are intense headaches and heart palpitations. Routing procedure called for an EKG directly following chemo to check the condition of her heart. On the plus side, these side effects are minimal and much more manageable that before!

So far, Shyra is doing well, managing her pain, and finding hope in seeing that the mass growing outside her belly button is actually shrinking! WOOHOO! Shyra also has an increased appetite, which is a major answer to prayer, but be ye warned, if you bring yummy snacks with you, she will eat them. All of them. As a mom, I always keep snacks in my purse. But after being around Shyra yesterday, my secret stash of purse snacks is gone! haha!

Shyra's energy levels are still low, she maybe only has enough energy to stay alert for about an hour, and then her headaches get increasingly worse, and she just wants to sleep. Despite that, she is still very positive, and still cracking jokes and laughing at life. Spring is here, and I can sense that Shyra is done being cooped up in her house. She wants to get out and enjoy the nice weather and DO things. The first thing on her list of what she wanted to do, was pedicures.

Mom, Shyra, and I went to our favorite pedi spot in south orange county yesterday afternoon, and we got to be pampered together. (See the gallery for a photo!) We had a blast. We giggled, we snacked (obviously), we closed our eyes, and we got a kick out of guessing the questions that were being asked in the Cash Cab show on the television. Who would have thought that Ernest Hemingway's drink of choice was a dry martini! And what we learned from Family Feud, who leaves a jar of pickles out on your kitchen counter, next to the dog treats, and coffee grounds? LOL. Anyway, it was fun, to say the least. So good for Shyra to be out and having some much needed girl time. And it was really good for mom to be able to see a different side of Shyra. Mom has been in the trenches with her, caring for her when she's been at her worst, and seeing her suffer from the first couple rounds of chemo, was detrimental to her mother's heart. This outing was good medicine for all, feeling almost normal and back to life's regular enjoyments.

I'd like to close out today's blogpost, with this beautiful quote that a dear friend of Shyra's shared with me:

"She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings".

Isn't that a perfect description of our Shyra?

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