CT Scan Results

Shyra met with her oncologist yesterday and they were able to discuss the results of her CT scan together.

Unfortunately, the scan showed a few things:

  1. This chemo is not working, the tumor is still growing

  2. The cancer has spread to her lungs and her liver.

With this information, the oncologist has recommended that that she tries an alternative and more intensive chemo treatment, catered towards these new tumors that have grown. Her cancer is spreading rapidly so it is imperative that these tumors shrink. She will now be having 2 separate chemo treatments, one every 2 weeks, and the other every 4 weeks. The doctor is hopeful that this will be more effective than the last 2 rounds. However, she is prepared for more options (like radiation, if needed) in case Shyra's body does not respond to this chemotherapy treatment plan.

The diagnosis has changed a bit, as the doctors now have more infected organs to deal with, but the care and recovery is the same. Our family is rallying around her to be there for her each day so that she is not alone. We ask that you all come alongside of us and do the same. Shyra has a long road ahead of her, but we are hopeful and we are ready to travel through the difficulty with her, so that she can come out of this, stronger and more resilient to be able to handle the curveballs that life throws her way.

If you'd like, please continue sending Shyra cards, letters, and encouraging comments. She needs as much support as she can get to make it through today! We ask that you ease off on sending or delivering flowers, as her body is fragile and with her compromised immune system, fresh flowers bring in bacteria or viruses that could be harmful to her recovery. But balloons, on the other hand, are much appreciated and one of her favorite things that cheer her up!

Feel free to reach out to me directly via email (see below) if you'd like me to communicate your support and encouragement to Shyra today.

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