Eat! Eat! Eat!

Okay so I may have been a bit obnoxious today, but I showed up at Shyras house with bags and bags of delicious protein filled snacks and swept in to the kitchen and started cooking her breakfast. Mom was already there bathing her and feeding her celery juice, bone broth, and electrolytes.

While I was cooking, we got to hear all about the fainting episode last night and enjoyed finding the humor in it all. It was traumatic for Michael, but he was a rockstar in getting her the immediate care she needed. Shyra is a trooper! She really is She-Ra, Princess of Power from the 80’s TV show. (See gallery for a pic of her avatar pop vinyl She-Ra).

We had some great laughs about how disgusting coconut water is, how I was force feeding everyone, and how gorgeous the EMT’s were that showed up at her house last night (gosh, I wish I had been there). After she was finished eating, the color came back to her face, and she was feeling back to normal. (More new pics in gallery).

Also, in light of the wake up call to keep Shyra‘s nutrition intake constant, Ashley has started up the Meal Train again. If you’d like to bring Shyra and Michael dinner, please go to the Practical Needs tab and click on the link to sign up. All the info is on the Helping Hands site.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragement during the ups and downs of life’s roller coaster.

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