Even If

It’s been a challenging few days for our family, as we’ve had to come to terms with the reality of how fast Shyra’s cancer is spreading. It’s terrifying to see a daughter/sister/wife/auntie/granddaughter/niece/best friend/co-worker, go through this type of pain. Emotions are all over the place. Confusion and miscommunication is at an all time high. Despite all the baggage cancer brings up in a family, we are unified in one common goal: to support Shyra 100%. We want her to know we are here for her, by her side, come what may.

Some days are better than others. But the one constant in all of this, is Shyra’s positive outlook. Even on her hardest days, she looks for the silver lining. She wants to walk on the beach again, and that alone gives her the drive to keep fighting. Each day, she is getting a little bit stronger. Each day, she finds another reason to smile. Each day, her pain is less. Each day, she shows us who’s the boss by putting us in our place when we are too dramatic. Each day, she is teaching us what perseverance and peace looks like. Each day, she brings our family closer together whether we like it or not. Cancer may have started the fight, but Shyra will finish it. This girl has what it takes to be the miracle we are all praying for!

Yesterday, while at the doctors office, discussing how to proceed given the rapid spread of cancer shown in the pet scan, Shyra said, “We have to do something”. She’s not giving up. Even though the oncologist said she cannot cure her cancer, she asked Shyra to prove her wrong. That being said, Shyra is holding on to the drumbeat of hope that she could be the oncologist’s first miracle.

The past few months, there is one song I have held on to and have sung through my tears of fear, hope, loss, confusion, perseverance, anger, despair, and grief. I wanted to share it with you all, to keep our perspectives aligned with the promises of God and to hold on to faith in Him and never give up hope. It is called Even If, by Mercy Me. See link below.

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