February 12th Update

Updated: Jan 8

Good Morning, Everyone! Dad picked up Shyra yesterday afternoon from her chemo session. It was so wonderful for him to be there to help her adjust to coming back home after 6 hours of intensive treatment.

When Steven met Shyra at Kaiser to pick her up after her 6 hours of chemotherapy, turns out they were both wearing teal. He didn't even know this was the color for ovarian cancer. How cool is that???? These little moments that make us smile are so special!

When they got home, Shyra was able to walk around the neighborhood for about 15 minutes before her energy was drained. Walking is crucial after chemo, because of the effect it has on her joints as well as nerve endings. One of the side effects is numbing in her hands and feet. Loss of feeling can happen, and it's best to keep the blood flowing.

What's so amazing is Shyra's joy. She continues to give when she should be given to. The generosity of those around her is overwhelming and impactful in so many ways.

The chemo does make her nauseous and the pain in her belly is still there. But she is hopeful. The next 4 days will be critical as the chemotherapy begins it's work in her body.

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