Friends, Food, & Vitamin C

This week has been a full week for Shyra, but it has been filled with all the right things. On Monday, she had a lovely visit and delicious dinner from Aunt Michelle, who drove down from Northern California. On Tuesday, a nurse came to Shyra's home and set up a Vitamin C IV, to boost her immune system and keep her hydrated. On Wednesday, Xara (this is Shyra's name from her time living in Spain), got to spend time with her dearest friends from Georgia, Josette and Milia, who flew out just to see her! These beautiful souls hosted Shyra and Michael's Wedding at their Beach House in San Diego.

Then Shyra also got a lovely surprise visit from our oldest sister, Nicola, who lives in Northern California. They got to spend time together discussing the hope of dreams, despite the nightmare of cancer that Shyra is going through. It was a beautiful moment of emotional healing and peace. Today, Mom will be taking Shyra for another HyperThermia treatment, which is the targeted, non-invasive cancer therapy that focuses on shrinking the tumor in her abdomen.

Now for a brief medical update on Shyra's current condition. She is eating well and has an increased appetite. She has her pain managed with CBD and is sleeping a lot. She is still very tired and suffering from headaches (common side effect to her chemo treatment last week). The tumor growing outside her abdomen continues to shrink which is very good news. It is still painful though, and is pressing up against her other organs, causing discomfort in her hip and difficulty walking. She may be moving slow, but she is hopeful and determined to kick cancer's ass.

On a side note, but just as important, Michael's father has been in the hospital. He has suffered from multiple strokes and is not well. It is quite critical, and the family fears these are his last days. He lives in Syria and unfortunately, Michael is unable to visit him as he is still waiting for his passport. I am sure you can imagine how difficult this must be for Michael to be so far away from his family and unable to visit during this delicate time. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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