Hyperthermia Treatment & Picnic With Friends

Yesterday Shyra went to the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute in Santa Monica to receive a heat treatment that is a targeted, non-invasive cancer therapy that comes alongside of chemotherapy, to aid in the recovery and positive outcome of Shyra's battle with cancer.

She really enjoyed it and is hopeful it will shrink her tumors. (see the Gallery for a picture).

Today, some of her friends stopped by and she was able to enjoy a picnic in the sun at the grassy knoll near her house. It was so good for her to be out of the house and with her sweet friends. They had a really great time.

She also received a really sweet care package from another friend today (see picture in Gallery).

Shyra's body is still having a hard time adjusting to moving about again after literally being on the couch for a week. She gets very tired, but Michael makes sure she is still getting up and walking around the house multiple times a day, so that her muscles do not atrophy.

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