In the ICU

Shyra has been fighting for her life today. This afternoon, Shyra’s heart stopped and it took about 10 seconds and 20 compressions to get her heart back up and running. When she came to, the doctors and nurses were checking to make sure there was no brain damage, and Shyra was chatty and sweet as if nothing had happened! Truth is, she had no recollection of what transpired because she was sleeping!

Shyra had family and close friends around her today (only 2 at a time unfortunately due to COVID regulations). No kids under 16 were permitted, so if you saw two feral kids scaling the retaining walls and wandering the hospital gardens, those were mine. 😂

The Palomar staff are fabulous and as of 6pm, had her transferred to her own personal suite in the Intensive Care Unit. She is being monitored closely as the pneumonia is severe and she is critical right now.

As much as you all want to see Shyra, please show respect to her husband and immediate family, and give them space and time alone with Shyra as each moment with her is precious and few. This is NOT the time for visitors, this is the time for Shyra to rest and get strong and fight this infection. What IS essential and most helpful right now, are your prayers. She needs a miracle!

If you want to see Shyra, I recommend contacting her husband or an immediate family member for a VIRTUAL visit via FaceTime or Zoom.

Thank you for your understanding.

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