Keep Your Chin Up

Yesterday's chemotherapy went well. As far as we can tell, Shyra's body responded well to this new treatment. Dad picked her up from the hospital. She still can't walk far or even stand up straight due to the pain that she is in, so they had to escort her out in a wheelchair. What's really good is she came home with color in her face and hungry for mashed potatoes. She was able to eat a little bit without vomiting, which is freakin' awesome.

She was even able to enjoy a nap in the sun on her balcony.

Kaiser offers virtual group therapy for cancer patients and their families. We were able to join in last night and meet some amazing people with the same struggles Shyra is going through. It was encouraging and eye opening to be apart of and hear their experiences. Knowing that she is not alone, and there is hope and humor in the midst of the pain, was exactly what we all needed to hear.

Shyra had a good night sleep, with only a slight headache this morning. Mom is there with her now, keeping an eye on her, making sure her temperature stays down and that she is hydrated. Things are off to a good start, so please continue to pray that her side effects to this treatment are minimal, that she can keep food down, and stay hydrated.

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