Mapping & Napping

Today was a hard day for Shyra. She was having difficulty regulating her body temperature. She kept going from extreme heat to extreme cold in a matter of minutes. Thankfully we had the palliative nurse team today along with Mom and Mahmoud, so we all rallied around and added blankets, removed blankets, put cold compresses, removed cold compresses, massaged her restless legs, checked temperature, vitals, etc.

She drank an entire Guava Passion Fruit Drink from Starbucks that I brought her (sister for the win!), and each sip brought out a smile to her face. “Finally, something that tastes good”, she whispered in my ear.

Then we headed out to the Radiology Appointment for Simulation Mapping and sang along to party tunes on the way. The appointment went great, the radiologist is hopeful and positive. Shyra really liked her! Radiation will start next Tuesday in Encinitas, only 15 minutes from Shyras home, so that is good!

When we got home from the appointment, Shyra’s dear friend Brittany had stopped by for a visit. At first, she was so tired all she wanted to do was sleep, but seeing her friend lifted her spirits like I haven’t seen in a very long time. Shyra needed this today and it made me so happy to see her actually enjoying herself. Thank you, Brittany, if you’re reading this, for being the good medicine Shyra needed and for bringing laughter and cuteness into her home with your precious baby!

After this lovely visit, we closed the curtains, and both took a nap. It was so nice to see Shyra sleeping peacefully, which was what she’d been looking forward to doing all day. She was so tired she may not wake up until her birthday!

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