May Angels Lead You In

This morning around 6:30am, Shyra Joy Caligiuri took her last breath. She was in the arms of her husband when she passed. It was a peaceful transition. Her heart rate slowly dropped, with no stress, panic, or pain.

Shyra fought so hard and she held on as long as she could. Jesus was calling her home, and she finally let go.

Last night, our 85 year old grandfather in Northern California passed away from complications due to a stroke he had. We believe that Shyra was holding out so he could go first. Pappa and Shyra were very close. And now they’re lovin’ it up in Heaven together, pain free and with their Heavenly Father, whom they both have loved their whole lives. Pappa is playing Burl Ives songs on his guitar, while Shyra sips Sangria by the infinity pool.

Our family are together in her room now, saying our goodbyes and making plans for her memorial.

I will post the memorial information here when it is confirmed.

Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers. Shyra felt it til the very end and I’m sure she’s feeling it now as well.

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