Nephew For The Win

My two teenagers (oh dear I am old!) and I ventured down to visit Auntie Shyra for the evening. We brought dinner and then cuddled up watching our latest favorite teenage drama tv show on Netflix (2021 tradition they started together).

Shyra had a great visit earlier in the day from our dear cousin Branden who came down from NorCal to visit. She was in good spirits when I showed up and willing to eat what I put in front of her.

She is still in a lot of pain.

Shyra had a really bad headache and Tristan massaged her head for her and it took her headache away! She was so happy and couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was.

And even still, in the midst of nausea, headaches, and vomiting, she still made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. This girl needs like a presidential recognition or something! She’s a freakin’ rockstar!

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:45pm is her Petscan to check the progress of the Chemo and its tumor shrinking abilities. Please be praying for positive results and hope for her healing!

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