Perspective Poem

As Shyra goes in for chemotherapy today (5th round), my heart is heavy for her and I wish I could take away her pain. I came across this poem that was written by an ovarian cancer survivor. I thought it might bring some perspective and insight to the inner struggle our beautiful Shyra is experiencing.

”I Don’t Look Sick”

I DON’T LOOK SICK ... But I live with an intense, deep exhaustion that makes every movement feel like I’m trying to move at the bottom of the ocean.

I DON’T LOOK SICK ... But I suffer from an extremely sensitive heat intolerance that makes me feel lightheaded, ill and faint even in what feels like a normal room temperature to you.

I DON’T LOOK SICK ... But my nerves often give me “phantom itches” that make me scratch myself raw at an itch that doesn’t actually exist.

I DON’T LOOK SICK ... But inside, my bones often feel like someone is using a jackhammer on them, especially during a change in weather.

I DON’T LOOK SICK ... But if anything, even something little, stresses or worries me, my body rebels and symptoms flare up just for the fun of it.

I DON’T LOOK SICK ... But it’s extremely difficult for me to concentrate on anything, and as a result my memory suffers drastically.

I DON’T LOOK SICK ... But the simplest tasks take me 5 times longer and take 5 times as much energy to finish than a “normal” person.

I DON’T LOOK SICK ... But you’ll never know the struggle beneath the surface.

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