Pet Scan Results

The doctor (finally!) called with the results from Shyra’s pet scan. Michael called all the family to be a part of the call and conferenced us in, which was really thoughtful.

The results show that the chemotherapy did not have a huge effect or dramatically shrink things down as we hoped.

The main area of concern, the umbilical mass growing out of Shyra’s abdomen, had only shrunk 0.6mm and that is after 5 rounds of chemotherapy (which started on January 21st). It is still too large to operate, measuring about 5.5cm in diameter. Basically the size of a peach.

The Pet Scan also showed that her cancer is in fact in her tissue (lymph nodes), as the original report from pathology showed back in December.

She has several hyper metabolic (cancerous) lymph nodes throughout her body. The Pet Scan revealed that the cancer has spread to her lungs, liver, chest, pelvis, armpits, and her spine (L4 to be precise), and will continue to spread if left untreated.

Due to the rapid metastasis activity in Shyra’s lymph nodes, surgery is not possible at this time.

Given these results, Shyra’s Oncologist had a few recommendations on how to move forward with proper treatment in response to this new prognosis:

  1. Radiation (to target the main area of concern: umbilical mass);

  2. Systemic Treatment (oral or IV);

  3. Appetite Stimulants (to keep her wanting to eat for proper strength);

  4. Clinical Trials at UCSD (not covered by Kaiser and experimental).

Even though the results are disconcerting to say the least, we are not without hope. There are many options for Shyra; a combination of medicinal and alternative, homeopathic and spiritual, super shakes, heat therapy, water therapy, red light therapy, and my personal favorite, fairy dust bath bombs. 😉

Shyra is the coolest human on the planet! She’s way more level headed about all of this than the rest of us. Same day as she heard the results, she stayed focused on what she wants to do when she goes into remission. We talked about getting matching sister tattoos, and laying out on the beach until our tanned skin tells us to go home, and her bucket list dream to take a vacation in Dubai with her husband. She is positive, dedicated, and God knows her stubbornness and determination will kick this cancer’s ass.

Please keep her and Michael in your prayers, as they decide together what the next steps are for Shyra’s health, and especially for our family, as we all want what’s best for Shyra during this season.

But ultimately, no matter the path Shyra chooses for her recovery, we are holding on to the hope of her healing.

In the midst of darkness, choose hope ... it’s the only way forward.

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