Plans for Memorial - TBD

We know you all are awaiting the details of when and where you can come and share in the beautiful memory of Shyra’s life.

With our Pappa passing as well, we have a lot to consider so that there aren’t conflicts in dates of both memorial services.

We are working on it and will post here as soon as we have decided.

Good news is that tomorrow we have an appointment to meet with the manager at San Luis Rey Mission, where Shyra will be buried alongside of her Grandmother, Irene Ann Caligiuri whom we lost 12 years ago to pancreatic cancer.

After this meeting, we will know more and will share it here (there is a new tab on the home page for Memorial info).

Thank you ALL for your texts, calls, emails, love, prayers, and support. It may take us a while to respond as we are heavy in our grief, but the love is felt and much appreciated!

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