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Poem “Butterfly Wings”, by Harmony Lawton

Butterfly Wings

You carried yourself with grace,

And chose a smile for your face.

All the vibrant colors you would wear,

And many up-do’s with your hair.

Life to you was always bright,

Even on the darkest night.

You belonged on the beach,

And lived to feel the sun within reach.

Your eyes saw only beauty,

Loving others was never a duty.

You were the best auntie my kids could ask for,

Without you, their lives will be a bore.

You always had your arms around them,

Your influence will forever sparkle like a precious gem.

When you would take them shopping for my birthday and couldn’t find tape,

You stapled the wrapping paper so well the presents could not escape.

Cancer robbed you of your wings,

But Your heart continued to sing.

You could have quit,

Or even thrown a fit.

But instead you chose to fight,

With even the littlest of might.

You tolerated excruciating pain,

In hopes of a free life once again.

Over time, I watched the colors fade,

But the hope within you always stayed.

I wondered if you knew your fate,

That soon you would be at Heavens Gate.

I wanted to hold on to you and tell God no,

But it was clear this was your time to go.

I have faith you’ll be back in mysterious ways,

Just like you have these past few days.

You’ve shown up in the wind,

To tell us which lot you wanted to buried in.

You’ve used songs, sunsets, clouds and lights,

To remind your loved ones that everything will be alright.

As I’m writing this, I know you’re here with me,

Saying “I love you, Harmony”.

I imagine your afterlife is being lived like your dreams,

And you’re silently flitting around us on butterfly wings.

Your presence is felt with a love so secure,

It brings hope allowing us to endure.

Your passing has taught me what it means to forgive,

To show love and kindness is how I will live.

I don’t understand why this happened to you,

But I have a faith that will carry me through.

Enjoy the light and heavenly spaces,

Until we meet again under God’s good graces.

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