Progressive Rummy with the Parentals

It is so beautiful to see Shyra’s family and friends rally around her and support her every step of the way, no matter the circumstance. From lists of household supplies needed, food, drinks, hot dinners, on site care and comfort, it all reflects the love and service she has given out all these years. And now to see it come back to her a hundred-fold is extremely inspiring to me, as her sister.

You ALL have been instrumental in Shyra’s care and recovery and we are most grateful for the prayers, time shopping or cooking, monetary gifts, cheerful balloons, cards, blankets, socks, and dinners, etc, that you all have generously given over the past 3 months. This is just the beginning, but because of your generosity, Shyra is off to a great start in this cancer battle.

After I left yesterday, mom did 5 loads of laundry. A delicious dinner was dropped off for Shyra and Michael. Then Dad came over and took Shyra for a walk. Then all 4 of them played Progressive Rummy together, and of course, Shyra won!!!!

Mom stayed the night to care for Shyra and massage her aching joints and check on her throughout the night. Mom and Michael are a wonderful tag team for Shyra‘s around the clock care.

Shyra is feeling rested, well fed and hydrated, and with the color back in her face, and energy in her spirit, you know what that means: the queen of feisty is back!

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