She Hasn’t Been Eating

It's been a rough 10 days to say the least. Shyra's energy levels are low and her ability to fight this demon of a disease is declining. This most recent round of chemo really did her in. Her taste buds are shot, her hands are numb, and her throat is so swollen she cannot talk properly. She can't get up or walk without assistance.

She's not eating enough to sustain her or build up enough strength to fight. Her body is attacking itself and without proper nutrition she cannot handle the pain meds. Without the pain meds she is in so much pain that she cannot function. All she wants to do is sleep.

Earlier today, I was praying for a miracle. This downhill spiral cannot continue if Shyra is going to beat this cancer.

Good News: This evening, for the first time in 2 months, she finally ate dinner. That is a HUGE WIN! Even a small miracle, is still a miracle. And we need many more of these mini miracles!

Shyra's wonderful husband Michael is amazing and has come up with a plan for her daily intake of calories, pain meds, rest, etc. Now we just need Shyra to not be so stubborn, and to allow this plan to take action!

Mom has been by her side around the clock, assisting Michael in her care, prompting her to eat and drink regularly, driving her to her appointments, keeping her clean and comfy, and massaging her in essential oils, while watching Schitt's Creek with her and doing her laundry.

The sweetest thing is, even when Shyra is in pain or nauseous, she still remembers to thank whoever is by her side for being there and she always asks if we need anything. She's so considerate even in her pain!

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