She's back, feisty as ever!

The blood infusion on Monday was exactly what we had hoped. It gave Shyra the much needed boost of energy to be able to walk unassisted, eat and drink on her own, and boss us around like usual. She felt so good she even wanted to tidy up the house!

Today she was able to get IV fluids at the hospital for a few hours, which is really helping in her recovery. She is hydrated and feeling positive that she finally has this figured out. The staff at Kaiser have been amazing and the nurses love having her there. Shyra really appreciates the care and dedication they show to her at each visit.

We spent the day together today, and it was so beautiful to see all the love being dropped off at her door. The cards, balloons, and gift bags do wonders to her soul! You all are so thoughtful and your kind gestures and donations are much appreciated during this challenging time. (see new photos in gallery).

Shyra asked me to let you all know that when she is feeling good (which is now!), she wants you to not be afraid to call or text her. She even wants company when she is feeling up to it, as long as you let her or Michael know ahead of time. If you're dropping something off, just call/text ahead of time if you'd like to pop in and say hi. If she doesn't answer, it is because she's sleeping. She enjoys the company, and just asks that you observe safety protocols, and wear your mask and wash your hands. Her other request is that when you do stop by, please don't talk about her condition or her treatments. She wants to talk about other things. She wants to hear about life outside the 4 walls she is spending most of her time. She wants to laugh, hear your stories about your day-to-day happenings, and also to be able to focus on something other than her cancer for a little while.

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