Sleeping Beauty

It says in the Bible, “He grants sleep to those He loves”. As we all know to be true, Shyra is loved by all. But the one who loves her most, is her Creator, her Heavenly Father, her Lord and Savior. Shyra’s own words when she describes herself as: “Daughter of the King, multi-cultured girl, love of God, lover of people”. Shyra’s body has been fighting for 5 months now and she just wants to sleep. I truly believe God is giving her what she wants, and allowing her mind to be at peace so her body can sleep.

Shyra slept most of the day yesterday. She can only stay alert for about 5-10 minutes in general. Shyra did get to have pedicures yesterday with mom and sis, even though she did sleep through most of it! Havi’s boyfriend showed up to the spa yesterday with Jamba juice which made Shyra smile! She loves Jamba. Shyra still isn’t eating much. But my mom has been there since Friday night which has been imperative in giving Shyra the care she needs. Shyra ran a fever last night and thankfully my mom was there and was able to bring her temp down and get her stable.

Today she has family (cousins, uncle) visiting, which will be a breath of fresh air for Shyra. Her family is her life.

She also has the most wonderful friends that show up at the drop of the hat when Mahmoud is in class or out doing stuff, or if my mom can’t be there, so that Shyra is never alone. The best care for her, is when at least 2 people are there. So grateful for you all coming alongside my sister and loving her through this delicate time.

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