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Slideshow and Service Recording

Yesterday was beautiful. The love from all those that cared for Shyra, was so precious to experience together in person and virtually. The tears we shared were such a beautiful testimony of the space Shyra had in our lives, and the gap that we feel now that she is gone. It was a day of mixed emotions. Sadness and Celebration all wrapped up in one. Sadness to be without her and yet Celebration of the amazing life she lived.

All the tributes were spot on and so precious. Thank you to each of you for showing your vulnerability and memories of Shyra with all of us.

The flowers, the bulletin, the music, the tablecloths, the slideshow, the food, the decorations, and all the cards, gifts, emails, and hugs, were such a beautiful representation of the impact Shyra had on all our lives. Thank you to everyone who contributed in this way! Our Shyra, Xara, Bubblelicious, Twinkle Toes, Sissy, Habibi, or whichever name she was to you, was for sure bursting with gratitude from the heavenly realms. We did it! Peace for Shyra was finally accomplished. My heart is hurting today as the loss is becoming real, but also my heart is so grateful for the love you all have bestowed on myself and my grieving family.

I have linked the slideshow and service recording below so that if you missed it or want to rewatch it, you can do so here.

Much love and gratitude,


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