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Tuesdays With Shyra

When I heard about my little sister’s diagnosis, I quit my job. Cancer isn’t meant to be fought alone. I took a risk. A risk that was worth it from the first moment. Yeah I sacrificed a steady income, a set schedule and job security, but nothing was more important than making myself available and creating space in my life so that any time Shyra asked, I could drop what I was doing and be there in a heartbeat. Little did I know she would only need me for 5 months.

5 months. That’s it. A blink of an eye. A wrinkle in time. Less than half a year. Too short. Too fast. Unexpected and unfair. So many things were left undone. Goals, plans, dreams, conversations, destinations.

As a family, we rallied around Shyra and made a schedule so that Shyra knew who would be with her each day and she never had to be alone. My day was Tuesdays. Of course I showed up on other days too, to drop off yummy snacks, stuffed animals, medical supplies, body pillows, new pajamas, etc. A couple of times Mikemoud would call me and say “she isn’t eating, she needs you”, and I would waltz in with baby food or homemade protein bites and give her a choice. She could eat one or the other but I wasn’t leaving until she did! I had to show her that she wasn’t the only stubborn one in the family.

I became quite fond of Tuesdays. It was my day to be with my sister. And I cherished it. Sometimes my kids would join me and make Tik Tok videos with their auntie, other times we would all watch Netflix together, and other times Shyra and I would just spend our time together chatting, napping, or driving to hospital appointments. I miss those days. I know that her time on earth was complete, and she left to the heavenly realms exactly when she was supposed to. But it is still a loss and it is still difficult to be without her.

Sooooooo, I had this idea. For the months of June and July, I’d like to invite you to join me every Tuesday at the Mission San Luis Rey Cemetery in Oceanside, from noon til 1pm for a little lunch break with Shyra. This is where we laid her to rest. Even though her body is no longer here, her spirit lives on and her presence is strongly felt at the Mission Cemetery, a place she visited often.

Starting this Tuesday, June 8th, and the following Tuesdays through July 27th, bring your lunch or a coffee and join me (and Shyra!) for a hour of emotional healing, connection, and reminiscing her love for social gatherings.

Feel free to email or text me for directions if needed. This is not an event to RSVP, just show up when you can & if you want. My desire for this regular get together is two-fold. For one, to continue my Tuesdays with Shyra in a creative way, and secondly, to give her friends and those that cared for her, an opportunity to stay connected even in her absence.

See you there. 🦋🕊💜

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