Valentines Day

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Today is Day 3 after chemo, and despite the nausea and feeling weak, Shyra is staying positive. She has an amazing way about her, that even in pain, she still has joy. She hasn't had much appetite, but she is resting and well taken care of.

Her husband Michael brought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers (more pics coming soon!) which cheered her up a bit. Mom is with her today, helping out around the house, doing laundry and being a great support system to Michael and Shyra.

Due to the fact that she has limited energy and her body is needing a lot of rest as it fights to shrink this tumor, Shyra is not on her phone at all. Please remember patience and understanding with them during this time as they focus on her health and recovery.

Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as this round of chemo has really taken it's toll on her physically.

Much love to you all on this Valentines Day - thank you for joining Shyra in this season with your support and generosity. She is feeling the love and it keeps her positive and hopeful.

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