Weekend Update

Good afternoon, everyone, just wanted to give ya'll a brief update and recap of the past couple of days in Shyra's world ...

Saturday, Havilah and I went over to Shyra's house and the 3 of us enjoyed a pajama day as sisters, watching Disney movies in our unicorn onesies and eating yummy snacks. I made Shyra a CosNOpolitan (essentially a mocktail), and it was delicious. Cancer may be debilitating, but it won't stop me from finding creative ways to make my sister smile.

Sunday, Shyra spent the day with mom and a dear friend Noelle who works with cancer patients at Loma Linda Hospital. Noelle drove out to mom's house and gave Shyra a massage. It was so therapeutic, that Shyra fell asleep and slept soundly for 10 hours straight!

On Monday, Shyra enjoyed her day with her husband Michael, as he is on spring break this week, and is grateful to have more time with his beautiful wife, and focus on her care.

Today, Shyra woke up with a little cold, so she is taking it easy. Last week was very full with visitors and appointments, so her body is a bit rundown and needing even more rest, before her next chemo treatment this Thursday.

In light of Shyra's compromised immune system, please remember to always wear a mask when you visit her in her home. She is fighting every day to regain strength and make it through this delicate season. It is critical that we keep a balanced perspective, that even though we all want to be with her, that we take into consideration what is best for her safety and recovery. Some days she will want visitors and some days she will just want to sleep. Some days she will feel like talking, and other days she won't. Some days she will want celery juice and other days she will want pirates booty (for our European friends, this is a very light cheddar popcorn alternative that is divine).

As her, older, wiser, very humble, and overprotective sister, my job is to be sure that what Shyra wants is what Shyra gets. And ultimately, Shyra wants to get better and back to normal, so let's do what we can to make sure that happens!

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