Weekend Update - (April 5th)

It has been a challenging few days for Shyra, since her chemo treatment on Thursday. She has had around the clock care from the family, since she is too weak to be on her own right now. As heart wrenching as it is to see a loved one go through this, it is an honor and a true joy for each of us to be by her side when she needs us, and to support her in creative ways.

Here is the recap of the last 4 days:

Thursday (4/1) - 8:30am, Shyra went in for her chemo treatment. Michael drove her to the hospital. Immediately following chemo, she had another blood infusion because her iron levels and white blood cell count was so low. Then dad picked her up around 2:30pm. If you know anything about blood infusions, it makes the person feel invincible for about a few hours following the procedure. When dad and Shyra got back home, she immediately started tidying up the house! She was feisty and focused on getting her home in order. She still didn't have much appetite, but she ate a little bit and then was in bed by 5:30pm. Dad and Michael worked on projects around the house while Shyra slept.

Friday (4/2) - Shyra had a rough night last night. She woke up in the middle of the night, with difficulty breathing, hot flashes, and a rising temperature. Michael was by her side, cooling her down, and keeping her stable. Her temp went down after a couple hours and she finally was able to go back to sleep. They were both exhausted the next morning, but Shyra had a IV infusion appointment at noon to keep her hydrated and manage the side effects of the chemo. Even though she is really good at keeping liquids down, her body is so weak that keeping her fully hydrated and malnourished. She doesn't have much of an appetite, and her throat is so sore (chemo side effect), that she has lost her voice. She speaks in a whisper now because it hurts to talk.

Saturday (4/3) - Shyra started throwing up this morning (common chemo side effect). She also has been feeling a discomfort in her left side. It hurts to move and she is very uncomfortable. Michael and Mom have put her on simple easy-to-digest foods so that she can still stay nourished. At the moment, she can only keep down bananas, rice, and mashed potatoes. All she wants to do is sleep, so getting her to eat is a challenge.

Sunday (4/4) - Not the typical Easter Sunday that our family is used to, but we all made the most of it. Shyra listened to her church service online from home. Then Havilah stopped by with a beautiful gift for Shyra. A daily calendar of positivity and surprises. (see the gallery for pictures). It brightened up Shyra's day! The days are monotonous and exhausting, so a sweet gesture like this does wonders for Shyra's spirit! She is still nauseas, but she feels a bit better and is able to keep down food now, and the color is coming back to her face. Shyra is a fighter and it takes every ounce of strength just to get from one simple task to another. Checking her phone is at the bottom of her list right now. So if you are wondering why she hasn't texted or called back, it is because her energy level is low, and she's trying to get better by sleeping through the side effects of last week's chemo treatment.

We are just taking one day at a time, being available for her needs and wants, as each day presents it's own challenges in her care and recovery. Please keep her in your prayers, that her spirit stays uplifted and that her body and mind keep fighting. And please keep our family in your prayers as well, especially Mom and Michael who are by her side 24-7.

Thank you for reading my updates and for loving my sister.

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