Welcome to Shyra's Journey

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Thank you all for taking the time to support and pray for my sister Shyra during this delicate time while she battles ovarian cancer.

I have created this blog, in hopes for it to be a one stop shop for all communication, updates, and practical needs during Shyra's season of healing and recovery.

Please take the time to read up on her prognosis, prayer requests, and practical needs (coming soon!). There is also the option to donate on GoFund Me (see donations tab), as well as follow her Caring Bridge Site that her husband is maintaining fonerousr her during this time.

We want to support Shyra, not overwhelm her. This is her battle and she is strong and adamant about kicking cancer's ass. Please go to this site first, before calling or texting her or her husband. We need her to be able to focus on her health. As needs arise, they will be posted here, and I will be also posting regular updates so everyone can follow and support her journey through this blogsite.

Thank you all for your generosity thus far, and for showing Shyra and her family that we are not alone. Your support means the world to her and us, and we are forever grateful.

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